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Book Your Beauty Party at Glitter!

Our beauty store would be honored to host your next event! From birthdays to anniversaries, baby and bridal showers, the possibilities are endless!

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Birthday Parties

Duration: 2hrs

$150 for 10 Guests
  • Includes
    Single color napkins, plates, utensils, and cups
  • Party Type
    Shopping or Non-Shopping
  • Birthday Party Theme Options
    Disney, Diva, Farm Animals/Zoo, Forest, Glam, Hip Hop, Holiday, Princess, Seasonal Theme (ex: WinterWonderland), Selfie Room Party (coming soon!), Sports, Sweet 16

Special Events

Duration: 2hrs

$150 for 10 Guests
  • Includes
    Single color napkins, plates, utensils, and cups
  • Party Type
    Shopping or Non-Shopping
  • Special Event Options
    Anniversary, Baby Shower, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Party, Celebration Party, Dance Party, Galantine’s/Valentine’s Day, Graduation, Karaoke Party, Retirement Party, Wig Party, Custom Party* (*Party theme of your choice)

Add-On Options

Personalize Your Party

We want to help you make your party special, just like you!

Pet Adoption

Adopt a small stuffed pet (additional price per guest). Choose from: frogs, kittens, dogs, or reptiles.

Add Assistance

Want a totally stress-free experience? We would be happy to arrange a staff member to order and arrange food or create a dessert table for you. 

Add Staff

Our parties include one party host. If you would like additional staff members to assist you, please let us know.

Add Time

Our parties are 2 hours in duration. If you’d like to add additional time, please let us know.

Add Party Items

Gift bags, Balloons, Birthday tiara, Birthday sash

Add Glam

Glam/Princess/Diva, Hair & Nails, Robes, T-shirts, Dress-Up, Make-Up Activity

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers!

We are here to help! Click the plus sign or tabs below to see the answers to our frequently asked questions.

How many guests can attend my party or event?

Our private party room can accommodate up to 25 guests. Our party packages include 10 guests. Additional guests can be added for $15/per person.

Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes! You are welcomed to bring your own decor. We just ask that you do not affix anything to the walls and please, no confetti poppers.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it as we do not offer food or beverages in-house. Need help with food? We have an add-on service to assist with catering, food set-up, and dessert table set-up.

Can I come early to set-up or stay late to break-down?

Our party slots are 2 hours in duration and include set-up and break-down. If you'd like additional time for either, please contact us to add additional time before or after your party slot.

Can I make changes in my guest count before my event?

Yes! You can add or subtract guests up to 48 hours prior to your party or event.

What is the difference between a shopping and non-shopping party?

A shopping party allows guests to have an exclusive shopping experience in Glitter during your party or event. The party hostess will also earn a PERK and will earn hostess personal shopping dollars for purchases made by guests during the event. A non-shopping party is a party that does not include a shopping time during the party or event, but guests can still shop before or after.

Rules & Policies**

Safety is our number one priority:Please leave all bags, purses, coats, and bulky items in your vehicle. No weapons, food, drinks, lighters, cigarettes, illegal substances, firearms or sharp objects are allowed in the building when visiting for the Selfie World Experience. We ask you bring in only cash, card, keys, cellphone, and if necessary, your inhaler. No arguing or fighting on the premises. In the event of an hostile disagreement, we will ask you to leave immediately with no refund. Upon refusal, law enforcement will be called immediately. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for horse playing, arguing, drama, disagreements, discrimination and prejudices, hostility, violence, nudity, and any behavior not suitable for families w/children. ZERO TOLERANCE means you will be asked to leave, and you will be banned, indefinitely. Also, we welcome photographers to visit the experience. We do not allow cameras and equipment. Photography sessions, videos, and special events are a seperate feature. However, feel free to discuss any ideas with management, and request a quote. Music will be played, and may not always have favorable lyrics. We have found trying to censor music is very laborious, and takes away from areas that must have our attention. If anyone with a digital or technology has progressive ideas, and willing to volunteer, please contact our team. Parking is in the rear, directly behind the building, and we ask that you do not arrive earlier than 10 min, prior to your session. Our parking area has limited space, and we ask our guests to not park in parking lots around us. We have no authorization to use them. If you are ticketed or towed for parking in an unauthorized lot, any legal fee(s) are your responsibility. It would be highly appreciated if our requests are respected, to avoid upsetting of neighboring businesses. 7-10 ppl max per session2-3 ppl max in one area (based on size)*Maximum number of children may reconsidered if sizes safely permit more