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Beauty Store in Warsaw, IN

At Glitter Hair & Beauty Supply, we offer a wide selection of beauty supplies to help you look your best. Located in Warsaw, IN, we are a boutique beauty store that allows you to add sparkle to your image, hair, or home. We carry a wide selection of hair bundles, braiding accessories, medical wigs, fashion wigs, and general accessories to ensure your look is always in style. We also offer stylist booth rentals for professionals needing space!

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Our Beauty Boutique Selection

We know everyone’s haircare needs are different that’s why we offer a broad selection of products to fit your needs.

Crochet Hair: Crochet hair provides hair extensions that provide length and volume with a natural look and feel. When you touch our crochet hair, it feels like natural hair and not artificial.

Hair Bundles: A solution for your weave needs our hair bundles offer a wide selection of textures and lengths to fit your style goal and overall appearance preferences. When you buy your hair bundles from us, you wear and style your hair with total confidence. Braids: If you braid your hair, we have solutions for you. We carry a selection of pre-stretched braid kits in different colors and textures that are precisely designed to be braided and blended with braided hair. Our braid kits are pre-washed, fast-drying, and water-repellent.

Medical Wigs: Medical treatments and illnesses can lead to hair loss. To help you with this, we carry an assortment of medical wigs to help you have options with your appearance as you undergo treatments and recover.

Fashion Wigs: There is an aspect of fun when it comes to your hair and appearance. Our fashion wigs are comfortable, adjustable, and trendy. Our wigs let you be the person you want to be, be as confident as you can be, and enhance your beauty. Men’s Products: We also carry products for men including bump-stopper, palm brushes, du-rags, blade brushes, aftershave, and other products. Accessories: We carry a wide selection of accessories including bows, barrettes, hair clips, scarfs, acrylic nails, headbands, combs, hair shears, wig brushes, shower caps, and a lot more.


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Glitter Hair & Beauty Supply is a boutique beauty store that adds a sparkle to your hair, image, or home. Stop by to feel the vibe, and pick up a little something for you. Bring your bestie; shop, chat and laugh.

At Glitter Hair & Beauty Supply, we strive to provide you with the best in beauty supplies to fit a wide assortment of hair needs. We can help you look your best with features such as our glitter station to give your hair that extra sparkle or through our catalog of hair products and accessories. We invite you to come down to our store today to browse and pick up something for yourself. Don’t forget to bring a friend and enjoy the shopping experience and chat and laugh.

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