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iKonic 3-In-1 Vibrating Hair Growth Brush Scalp Massager Hair Regrowth & Detangling Brush – 2 Speeds Aid Headaches, Neck/Back Pain, Hai

3X EVERY STROKE– Make brushing triply beneficial with your vibrating brush from iKonic! Your 2-speed massage brush helps relieve tension, stimulate hair growth, and detangle knots—all in one!
SHAKE IT OUT– Locks in knots ? Loosen up with your detangler solution! Working more quickly and gently than ordinary brushes, your curly hair brush shakes out stubborn tangles with vibration!
RELAX & RELIEVE – Destress with your massage brush! The opposite side of your detangle brush holds contoured nodes that knead your neck, back, and shoulders, easing headaches and dissolving tension.
THE ROOT OF HEALTH – Hold your head high again—without a hat! Since its vibration stimulates hair follicles, your dandruff brush helps catalyze hair growth, restore thickness and increase circulation!
CONVENIENT & CAPABLE – Enjoy the ease of your detangler brush! Coated in hard plastic for durability, your battery-powered hair growth brush is easy to grab with a curved grip and portable size.


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